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Veggie Kids’ Kitchen

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    Veggie Kids' Kitchen
  • Client:
    The Vegetarian Society
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The Veggie Kids’ Kitchen was commissioned by the Vegetarian Society and designed to be a fun, easy-to-read cookbook full of tasty recipes kids could make for themselves. Debunking many of the myths surrounding vegetarianism, the Cookbook also promoted a meat-free diet as a positive lifestyle change children could make and feel proud of.

Cooking alongside children is a happy but messy experience. With this as inspiration, the Cookbook was designed to be very informal and interactive in terms of layout and style.

Anchored by some great photography, the Cookbook presents each recipe in an easy to read format with a playful choice of font, colour and layout, all designed to appeal to our young chefs.

Produced whilst employed by Fathom Creative, Manchester.

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